JS51 Basic Shepherding (for individuals who are new to flock ownership)

with Dr. Kate Hussman assisted by Peter Austin

This workshop will be useful for those who already have sheep but are new to the game and need some filling-in of their basic knowledge. Dr. Kate Hussman recently retired from her Louisa, Virginia practice and has been on the receiving end of animal health & management issues for many years. Emphasis will be on preventative care and improving skills. As the field is wide and impossibly deep, questions from attendees will be an important element of the presentation. Nutrition, flock assessment, breeding & lambing, parasite control, vaccinations & basic Rx, as well as how to keep a “weather eye” on your animals will be covered.

Note: Individuals should sign up for either the morning session or the afternoon session so we can tell the same joke twice without having someone groan ahead of time.

Time and Cost

Friday May 2, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the  Show Ring with Dr. Kate Hussman assisted by Peter Austin

Event Cost: $30.00


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