JS52 FAMACHA Workshop - A Method to Determine if Your Sheep Need Deworming

with Susan Schoenian

Gastro-intestinal parasites (worms) are the primary health problem affecting sheep in warm, moist climates like Maryland. Because of widespread drug resistance, regular deworming is no longer advocated. It is also not recommended that all animals in a flock be dewormed.

FAMACHA(c) is a program used in controlling internal parasites of sheep. It uses a color eye chart for evaluating clinical anemia, which helps you make a decision on which sheep need de-worming. Using FAMACHA(c), only those sheep needing de-worming receive medication, reducing your costs, and helping to prevent parasite resistance. Those attending this training will get hands-on experience, and receive an eye color chart to use on their own farm.

The instructor for the workshop will be Susan Schoenian, Sheep & Goat Specialist for University of Maryland Extension. All aspects of internal parasites and their control will be covered in the workshop. The workshop will consist of two hours of lecture and discussion, and two hours of hands-on instruction (FAMACHA(c) and fecal analysis). Participants (over the age of 16) will be certified in the use of the FAMACHA(c) eye anemia system.

Class fee: $50 per farm or family.

Time and Cost

Friday May 2, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the  Barn 7-8 with Susan Schoenian

Event Cost: $50.00

The registration fee includes a laminated FAMACHA(c) card and a booklet of reference materials.


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