Sheep Shearing Demonstration (11:00 AM)

with Emily Chamelin and Kristen Rosser

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is pleased to have Emily Chamelin of Westminster, Maryland and Kristen Rosser of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as our sheep shearing demonstrators.

Emily is a full time machine shearer who grew up in Carroll County Maryland. Her first introduction to sheep was through 4-H and her shearing education began right here as well, having attended the Maryland Shearing School. Emily shears several thousand sheep in Maryland and Virginia each spring and travels throughout the remainder of the year to the Midwest and overseas to continue to pursue work and adventure opportunities that shearing can provide. She also teaches at shearing schools all over the USA as well as competes in shearing competitions both here and abroad.

Kristen Rosser started shearing in 2012 after studying fiber art at the Tyler School of Art. It was there, while using a lot of wool in her artwork that she decided to learn how to shear sheep. Kristen went to Ohio to participate in the shearing school taught by Ohio State and decided that shearing was going to be her profession. After that she teamed up with Emily to become a faster and better shearer and now works in Pennsylvania and the northeast with other shearers and on her own.

There will be a general discussion of sheep, wool, and sheep handling. Please drop by to enjoy our show and ask questions.

Time and Cost

Saturday May 3, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the  Stage with Emily Chamelin and Kristen Rosser
Sunday May 4, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the  Stage with Emily Chamelin and Kristen Rosser


Photo for National CVM Conservancy
National CVM Conservancy