JC02 You Be the Judge with Harriet Boon

As shepherds, we think almost every fleece is amazing, but how do others assess the same fleece? What are they looking for? How can it be shown to its best? Then sometimes there’s the Oops! Not that one, keep it home but why did that happen? In this class we will look at a variety of fleeces and with guidance from the instructor, students will have the opportunity to learn how to evaluate each one. We will focus on how it conforms to breed standards, its attributes and flaws and how each might best be used in a fiber project. Proficiency Level: Novice shepherds and all spinners. Spinners Bring to Class: Spindle or spinning wheel and all its parts. Extra bobbins. Hand cards or combs if you have them. Lazy kate. All participants: Bring a problem fleece if you would like to have it discussed.

Class fee: $100.
Materials fee (payable to the instructor at the start of class): $20.

Harriet Boon is a spinner, dyer, weaver, wool judge and retired shepherd. In 1976 she earned a master spinner certification and continues as an instructor with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners certification programs. She has been involved with fibers and natural dyes, learning from travels in Europe and Asia, returning to share, and teaching workshops in Canada and the United States.

2017 Catalog Cover Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Britt Silkey of Frostburg, MD for her winning entry in the 2017 Cover Art Competition.

Britt’s winning artwork will be unveiled in mid-March.

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