JC05 Perfect Pairs: Blending Wool with Exotic Fibers with Judith MacKenzie

Want to extend that bit of cashmere? Have a lovely Gotland fleece but not quite enough to make the sweater you dream of? Want to change the hand of a beautiful brown cross bred that is just a bit rough? Come learn what fibers are compatible and what are not. Explore different methods of blending fibers and try a variety of blending tools. We’ll look at the qualities of yak, silk, cashmere and camel and what they can bring to a variety of different wools. Proficiency Level: Student should be able to spin a continuous length of yarn. Bring to Class: Spinning wheel or spindle. Handcards. Niddy noddy. Small combs. A range of knitting needles you like to work with.

Class fee: $100.
Materials fee (payable to the instructor at the start of class): $40.

Judith MacKenzie is the ultimate textile artist and teacher. She has an in-depth understanding of every aspect of spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing. Her teaching career spans the globe from such fascinating places as above the Arctic Circle all the way to Turkey. Judith is the author of Teach Yourself Visually: Handspinning and The Intentional Spinner. She often writes for Spin-Off, Knits and Handwoven magazines. She lives in Forks, Washington.

2017 Catalog Cover Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Britt Silkey of Frostburg, MD for her winning entry in the 2017 Cover Art Competition.

Britt’s winning artwork will be unveiled in mid-March.

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