JS52 Where Do I Start? What Do I do? Shepherd Q&A with Emily Chamelin-Hickman (Friday Session)

This class is designed to be an interactive question and answer session that will adapt to meet the needs of the class participants. Potential topics of discussion will range from selecting the right breed for your farm, to maximizing profit even in small flock situations. Emily will discuss hoof trimming fact and fiction, “how to find a good sheep vet” and basic worming/de-licing protocols to keep your flock healthy. You will also learn about infrastructure that pays for itself and how to improve your barn and field setups to maximize grass and herd health. Participants are encouraged to bring questions, photos of their sheep and barn setups they have already, so we have visual references for problem solving.

JS52 Class Fee: $20.

Emily Chamelin-Hickman is a full time professional sheep shearer, shepherd and two time world shearing championship participant. She has shorn in 23 states and 3 countries.There isn’t much that surprises her and she enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gleaned from 15 years of farm visits.

2017 Catalog Cover Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Britt Silkey of Frostburg, MD for her winning entry in the 2017 Cover Art Competition.

Britt’s winning artwork will be unveiled in mid-March.

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