2017 Vendors

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2017 National Sheepdog Finals    Outside Lower Corral: LC1C    NEW!


A Paca Fun Fiberworks    Main Exhibition Hall: D20
Aker Fiber Farm LLC/Lavender Hills Farm    Outside North Vendors: N22
Alford Family Farms & Spinnery   Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC17    NEW!
All About Yarn   Outside East Vendors: E3    From Maryland!
All Strings Considered    Barn 6: 14
American Coopworth Registry    Outside East Vendors: E12
American Country Rugs    Main Exhibition Hall: C32
American Heirloom, Inc.    Main Exhibition Hall: C26
An Original by Peggy Hugus    Main Exhibition Hall: A15    From Maryland!
Ancient Textiles    Barn 6: 17
Art For Your Feet II    Outside North Vendors: N20
Autumn House Farm    Barn 5: 07,09
Avalon Springs Farm    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC7    From Maryland!
Ayni, Inc    Outside East Vendors: E8


Backyard Fiberworks     Main Exhibition Hall: C4    From Maryland!     NEW!
Barefoot Spinner, The    Main Exhibition Hall: D33
Barneswallow Fibers & Yarn    Barn 5: 16
Bartlettyarns, Inc.    Outside North Vendors: N8
Battenkill Fibers Carding & Spinning Mill    Outside South Vendors: S1
Bayberry Fiber & Art    Main Exhibition Hall: D27
Bedfellows Blankets    Main Exhibition Hall: B21
Bee Folks, The    Outside Midway Vendors: MW3    From Maryland!     NEW LOCATION!
Bijou Basin Ranch    Outside North Vendors: N1
Blackberry Fields Farm & Friends    Barn 4: 05    From Maryland!
Blue Fields Farm    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC18
Blue Mountain Farms & Fiber Mill    Main Exhibition Hall: C21    NEW!
Blue Sheep Software LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: A18A    From Maryland!
BohoChic Fiber    Barn 6: 03
Bosworth Spindles/Journey Wheel    Main Exhibition Hall: D26
Boy Scout Troop 1023    Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Breezy Willow Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: A34    From Maryland!
Briar Rose Fibers    Outside East Vendors: E13
Brooks Farm Yarn      Outside North Vendors: N6
Brush Creek Wool Works    Main Exhibition Hall: D13,D14
Buffalo Wool Company, The    Outside Upper Corral Vendors: UC1


C.A.D. Cutlery Company    Main Exhibition Hall: D11    From Maryland!
Caprikorn Farm    Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Carodan Farm Wool Shop    Barn 4: 17
Carolina Homespun    Main Exhibition Hall: C24
Carried Away Designs    Main Exhibition Hall: C30
Cat Tracks Studio    Main Exhibition Hall: A10    From Maryland!
Catoctin Creek Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: D22    From Maryland!
Cavey Family Sheep & Wool Co.    Barn 6: 01    From Maryland!
Cestari Ltd.    Outside South Vendors: S7
Checkmate Farm LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: D19
Chestnut Creek Farm    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!
Cinnamon Treasures    Outside North Vendors: N15    NEW!
Clare Margaret    Barn 3: 12
Classic Carder    Main Exhibition Hall: C20
Claymonster Pottery    Main Exhibition Hall: D9    From Maryland!
Cobun Creek Farm    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC16    NEW LOCATION!
Cooperative Press    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC15
Coughlin’s Homespun Yarns    Main Exhibition Hall: A32
Creative Designs Unlimited    Main Exhibition Hall: B31
Creative Woodcarvings    Outside East Vendors: E18    From Maryland!
Critter Pattern Works    Main Exhibition Hall: B30


DAFI Alpacas    Outside East Vendors: E20    From Maryland!     NEW LOCATION!
Dancing Leaf Farm    Outside South Vendors: S6    From Maryland!
Davidson’s Old Mill Yarn    Main Exhibition Hall: A11,A12
Deborah Faye-Watson/Kami Watson    Main Exhibition Hall: C29
Delly’s Delights Farm    Barn 4: 13,15
Dimensions Buttons    Main Exhibition Hall: B28
Dress It Up Dressing     Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!     NEW!
Dragonfly Fibers    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC9    From Maryland!
Dusty’s Vintage Buttons    Outside North Vendors: N7
Dyed Dreams    Barn 3: 03    From Maryland!


Eagles Nest Woolens    Main Exhibition Hall: D31    From Maryland!
East Carolina Corriedales    Barn 5:01    NEW!
Echoview Fiber Mill    Main Exhibition Hall: D8
Elfworks/Kim Harrison Fiber Arts    Main Exhibition Hall: C6
Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm     Main Exhibition Hall: B13
Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets    Barn 5: 15
Epicurean Boutique    Barn 6: 07
Ernst Finely Crafted Glass     Barn 3: 04
Ewetopia     Main Exhibition Hall: A24    NEW!


Favour Valley Buttons    Barn 3: 16
Feederbrook Farm    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC2    From Maryland!
Fiber Optic Yarns    Barn 6: 05
fibers by bonnie dunn    Barn 3: 06    From Maryland!
Fluffy U Fiber Farm    Barn 5: 14
Flying Fibers    Barn 5: 18
Flying Goat Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: C5    From Maryland!
Fold, The    Barn 3: 18
Folktale Fibers    Main Exhibition Hall: B26    From Maryland!
Foxfire Leather    Main Exhibition Hall: C14
Frederick County Sheep Breeders     Home Arts Building    From Maryland!     NEW!
Frey Livestock Supply    Outside East Vendors: E19
Friends in Reed    Outside East Vendors: E14    From Maryland!


Gale’s Art    Barn 5: 02
Geneva Welch    Main Exhibition Hall: C16
Glenfiddich Wool    Outside East Vendors: E15
Going Gnome    Main Exhibition Hall: A21
Good Hope Farmstead   Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Good Karma Farm    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC14
Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats    Barn 6: 09    From Maryland!
Good Shepherd, The    Main Exhibition Hall: D34
Gore Trailer Mfg., Inc.    Upper Corral Vendors: UC2
Green Mountain Hooked Rugs    Barn 6: 10    NEW!
Green Mountain Spinnery    Outside North Vendors: N16
Greenbridge Pottery    Barn 4: 09    From Maryland!
Greene’s Lamb    Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Greentree Weaving    Outside East Vendors: E21
Greenwood Hill Farm    Barn 6: 06,08
Grindstone Ridge Farm     Main Exhibition Hall: C34    From Maryland!


Handspun by Stefania    Main Exhibition Hall: D28
HansenCrafts    Main Exhibition Hall: B24
Harvesting History    Outside Midway Vendors: MW1    NEW LOCATION!
Heirlooms    Outside North Vendors: N9
Hill Farm    Barn 3: 17    From Maryland!
Hobbledehoy Yarn & Fibers    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC5
Holly Road Fiber Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: B12
Hollyhock Hill Farm    Barn 3: 11
Homestead Hobbyist, The   Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC8
Honeysuckle Pottery    Outside East Vendors: E6    From Maryland!
Hooked on Ewe    Main Exhibition Hall: B5
Hopping Acres Leicester Longwools    Barn 5: 06
Horse Brooch, The    Main Exhibition Hall: D12
Hunt Country Yarns    Main Exhibition Hall: D16
Hunt Valley Cashmere    Main Exhibition Hall: B15    From Maryland!


Icelandic Sheep Breeders Mid-Atlantic Co-op    Barn 5: 17
Indian Lake Artisans    Main Exhibition Hall: C8
Indigo Hound    Barn 6: 18
Inger’s Basketry    Main Exhibition Hall: B18
Ink Drawings by Gene Matras    Main Exhibition Hall: B10
Into the Whirled    Main Exhibition Hall: B16


Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Assoc.    Barn 3: 07
Jacob Sheep Conservancy    Barn 4: 10
Jamie Harmon    Main Exhibition Hall: B9
Jennie the Potter    Main Exhibition Hall: D21
Jentz Prints    Barn 4: 11    From Maryland!
Jesamie Handwovens   Main Exhibition Hall: A16
Jill Draper Makes Stuff    Main Exhibition Hall: C31
Journey Wheel/Bosworth Spindles    Main Exhibition Hall: D26
Joyce Schaum Basketry    Main Exhibition Hall: A22    From Maryland!
juliahilbrandt    Main Exhibition Hall: B29
Just Our Yarn    Main Exhibition Hall: B6
Justamere Tree Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: D18
Justifiably Julia    Main Exhibition Hall: B23    NEW LOCATION!


Kami Watson/Deborah Faye-Watson    Main Exhibition Hall: C29
Kathryn L. Withers    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC3    From Maryland!
Kelsey Wailes Co.    Barn 4: 14    From Maryland!
Kim Harrison Fiber Arts/Elfworks    Main Exhibition Hall: C6
Kiparoo Farm    Outside South Vendors: S3    From Maryland!
Knitspot LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: C28
KnittyandColor/Subterranean Woodworks    Outside North Vendors: N12
Kookaburra Products    Outside North Vendors: N4
Kris Schaible Glass     Outside East Vendors: E9    NEW LOCATION!
Kristin Helberg – Grained and Painted Boxes Main Exhibition Hall: B32    From Maryland!
Kromski North America    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC12    NEW!


La Cupula    Main Exhibition Hall: A7
Lanny Tewell    Outside South Vendors: S2
Lavender Hill Farms/Aker Fiber Farm LLC    Outside North Vendors: N22
Liberty Ridge Farm & Gardens    Barn 4: 01,03
Lilly B. Accessories    Main Exhibition Hall: D10    From Maryland!
Lion Potter, The    Outside South Vendors: S9    NEW LOCATION!
Little Barn    Main Exhibition Hall: A35,A36
Liz Printz Jewelry    Main Exhibition Hall: D29    From Maryland!
Lone Oak Brooms    Outside Midway Vendors: MW2    NEW LOCATION!
Loop Fiber Studio    Main Exhibition Hall: C22


Madder Root/On the Round    Outside North Vendors: N2
Maggie’s Farm Inc.    Main Exhibition Hall: C35
Maggie’s Music    Main Exhibition Hall: B1,C1    From Maryland!
Maine Top Mill    Main Exhibition Hall: D7    NEW!
Make It With Wool/MSBA    Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Mangham Wool & Mohair Farm    Outside East Vendors: E2
Maple Row Stock and Wool    Main Exhibition Hall: C13
Mark Supik Woodturning    Outside Midway Vendors: MW4   From Maryland!    NEW LOCATION!
Mason-Dixon ATHA    Main Exhibition Hall: D25    From Maryland!
Max-Flex Fence Systems    Barn 4: 02,04
Meadow Medley    Outside East Vendors: E23    From Maryland!
Medomak Retreat Center    Main Exhibition Hall: A18B    From Maryland!
Melissa Jean Buttons    Barn 4: 12
Merlin Tree, The    Barn 3: 02
Michelle’s Assortment   Barn 3: 05    NEW LOCATION!
Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC1B    From Maryland!
Milkhouse Brewery @ Stillpoint Farm    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!
Mill at Meadowlands, The    Main Exhibition Hall: C3    From Maryland!
Millpoint Emporium    Main Exhibition Hall: C12
Miriam Carter/Feltmaker    Main Exhibition Hall: B20
Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns & Fibers    Main Exhibition Hall: B35
Mistralee Farm Studio    Barn 6: 12
Misty Mountain Farm    Outside South Vendors: S4
Mohair in Motion    Outside East Vendors: E5
Mulberry Hill Farm    Barn 6: 13    NEW!


National Museum of the American Coverlet, The    Main Exhibition Hall: A2
Navajo Weavings    Main Exhibition Hall: A33
Neat Nick Preserves    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!     NEW!
Neighborhood Fiber Co.    Outside East Vendors: E7    From Maryland!
North Light Fibers    Main Exhibition Hall: C9


Oak Grove Studio    Main Exhibition Hall: A6
Oasis Farm Fiber Mill    Barn 3: 14    NEW LOCATION!
On the Round/Madder Root    Outside North Vendors: N2
Opalessence Fiber Equipment & More    Main Exhibition Hall: A14
O-Wool    Main Exhibition Hall: B7    NEW!


Paws & Reflect Glass Fusion    Main Exhibition Hall: D6
Peavine Hollow Farm    Outside North Vendors: N3
Persimmon Tree Farm    Outside East Vendors: E10
Picnic Woods Farm    Outside North Vendors: N5    From Maryland!
Pleasant Memories    Outside East Vendors: E22    From Maryland!
Point of View Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: C26    NEW!
Primitive Originals    Outside East Vendors: E11    NEW!
Pucker Brush Farm    Barn 5: 11,13
Purrington Looms LLC     Barn 4: 16
Putnam Hill Nursery    Outside East Vendors: E1    From Maryland!


R.E. Piland Goldsmiths LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: A19
Rainbow Rapunzel    Outside Midway Vendors: MW6    NEW LOCATION!
Raja Farm    Barn 3: 13
Rajkovich Designs    Outside North Vendors: N18    From Maryland!
Ram’s Horn Connection    Barn 3: 09
Rams Horn Studio, The    Main Exhibition Hall: A27
Range of Emotion    Main Exhibition Hall: A29
Rare Opportunity Bakehouse    From Maryland!    Festival Farm Market
Rebecca Francis: Weaver    Outside East Vendors: E17
Reflections at Roclans     Barn 4: 07
Riverside Farm    Barn 3: 10
Robin’s Hoods    Main Exhibition Hall: C11    NEW!
Rosefield, The    Barn 5: 04
RoseSpring Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: C17
Ross Farm, The    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC13


Salazon Chocolate Company     Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!         NEW!
Sarafina Fiber Art    Barn 5: 08    From Maryland!
Seacolors   Barn 3: 15
Serendipity Farm & Studio    Barn 3: 08
Shabana    Barn 4: 08    From Maryland!
Shadeyside Fibers LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: B3
Sheep Incognito    Outside Midway Vendors: MW5 NEW LOCATION!
Sheep Thrills    Outside North Vendors: N25
Sheepman Supply Co.    Barn 6: 02,04    From Maryland!
Shelridge Yarns    Main Exhibition Hall: B27
Shepherd’s Flock    Barn 6: 15
Shepherds Manor Creamery    Festival Farm Market, Home Arts Building    From Maryland!     TWO LOCATIONS!
Shipyard Point Glassworks    Main Exhibition Hall: C4
Signature Needle Arts    Main Exhibition Hall: D3
Singleton Fiber Processing    Main Exhibition Hall: A17    From Maryland!     NEW LOCATION!
Skoog’s Sheep & Cattle Company    Outside North Vendors: N17
Sky Path Design    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC11
Snyder’s Apiaries    Home Arts Building    From Maryland!
Solitude Wool    Main Exhibition Hall: D17
Spin-A-Bit Fiber Designs    Main Exhibition Hall: B8
Spinaway Farm    Barn 5: 05
Spirit Trail Fiberworks    Main Exhibition Hall: A30
Spring Gate Farm LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: D30    NEW!
Spruce Ridge Studios LLC    Barn 5: 10
Spunky Eclectic    Main Exhibition Hall: C27
Stacey Stanhope Pottery    Main Exhibition Hall: C19
Stephen Willette    Main Exhibition Hall: D23
Stewart-Murrell Handwoven Designs    Main Exhibition Hall: C15
Still River Mill, LLC    Main Exhibition Hall: A28
Stitch Ups    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC17    NEW!
Stitched Impressions    Main Exhibition Hall: A13    From Maryland!
Strauch Fiber Equipment Co.    Main Exhibition Hall: C25
Subterranean Woodworks/KnittyandColor    Outside North Vendors: N12
Suffolk Shaker Shop    Main Exhibition Hall: D32
Surbrook Creations    Outside North Vendors: N14    From Maryland!
Susan’s Fiber Shop    Main Exhibition Hall: D35,D36,D37
Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill, LLC    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC4
Sydell Inc.    Outside South Vendors: S8


Taylored Fibers    Main Exhibition Hall: A23    NEW!    From Maryland!
Tempting Ewe Yarns, Inc.    Barn 5: 12    From Maryland!
Tess’ Designer Yarns    Outside North Vendors: N11
Thistledown Alpacas/The Wool Merchant    Outside East Vendors: E16
Thistledown Farm Pottery    Main Exhibition Hall: B17    From Maryland!
Thorne Farm    Outside South Vendors: S5    From Maryland!
Tidal Yarns    Outside North Vendors: N17
Tintagel Farm    Outside East Vendors: E4
Toll House Studio    Outside North Vendors: N23    From Maryland!
Tomatoes, Etc.    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!
Trawitz Sheepskin Products    Main Exhibition Hall: A8,A9
Tuatha    Outside North Vendors: N24
Turnstyles    Main Exhibition Hall: B11


Vermont Natural Sheepskins    Main Exhibition Hall: D15    NEW!
Victory Farm Paco-Vicunas    Main Exhibition Hall: B33
Vulcan’s Rest Fibers    Barn 4: 18    From Maryland!


Walks Far Acres    Main Exhibition Hall: B22
Walter Turpening    Main Exhibition Hall: A31
War Pony Sweater Forge    Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC10     NEW!
Weavin’ Place-SAORI Style    Main Exhibition Hall: B14
Wee Bit Farm    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!      NEW!
Wellspring Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: C18
Wendy G. Jensen Baskets    Main Exhibition Hall: A26
Wheeler’s Chairs    Main Exhibition Hall: B19
Whispering Woodturner, The      Main Exhibition Hall: C10
White Clover Kiln    Barn 4: 06    From Maryland!
Wild Fibers Magazine      Main Exhibition Hall: C23
Wild Hare Fiber Studio    Main Exhibition Hall: B4
Wild ‘N’ Woolly Farm    Barn 3: 01
Willow Brook Farm    Main Exhibition Hall: A25
Wolle’s Yarn Creations   Main Exhibition Hall: B2     NEW!
Wool by Ursula    Main Exhibition Hall: A3     NEW LOCATION!
Wool Garden, The    Outside North Vendors: N10
Wool Junction    Barn 6: 13
Wool Merchant, The/Thistledown Alpacas    Outside East Vendors: E16
Wool Out of Wales    Main Exhibition Hall: A5
Wool Room, The    Main Exhibition Hall: B25
Woolbuddy    Outside North Vendors: N26
Woolee Winder, The    Main Exhibition Hall: C7
Woolstock Yarn Shop    Main Exhibition Hall: D2    From Maryland!


Yankee Dyer Yarns    Main Exhibition Hall: A20    From Maryland!     NEW!
Yarn Barn of Kansas    Main Exhibition Hall: D4,D5
Yarn Daze    Main Exhibition Hall: C2
Yarn Tech     Outside North Vendors: N21    NEW!
Y.O.U.T.H. Program Inc. at Shady Pines Farm    Barn 6: 06    NEW LOCATION!


Zazzy Peacock Studios    Main Exhibition Hall: B34    From Maryland!
Zeilinger Wool Co.    Main Exhibition Hall: C33
Zeke’s Coffee    Festival Farm Market    From Maryland!         NEW!
Zwiebach Creations    Barn 5: 03    From Maryland!         NEW!

2017 Catalog Cover Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Britt Silkey of Frostburg, MD for her winning entry in the 2017 Cover Art Competition.

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