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We are the Witmer Family. Joe & Amy, along with our daughters Sara and Emily. We have a love for all things vintage and colonial with a passion for preserving history. We are excited to carry on the tradition of Cinnamon Treasures by purchasing the business from it’s original founders Bunny & John Switzenberg. Bunny & John started this business over 35 years ago. They have lovingly passed on all their knowledge, vintage and rare molds and the love of the craft to us. We handmake every piece from start to finish. Each piece starts in it’s most raw form, a block of pure beeswax. We melt, hand pour, and uniquely hand finish and antique each piece. Most of the pieces are poured in rare antique German chocolate molds and all are solid beeswax, that we scent with a cinnamon oil blended uniquely for our products only. Beeswax carving and pouring is a German craft over 500 years old, and we are happy to continue to provide unique pieces today using this early tradition.

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2021 Festival Gear Now Available

Shop online, or buy in-store at the Sheepman Supply showroom in Frederick, Maryland. Choose from "staying home and staying safe until 2022" t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags. posters, and note cards. Your purchases help support the Festival.
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