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Cranberry Creek Fibers evolved from a love of fiber from Leicester Longwool sheep, which we were fortunate to shepherd for a few years. Our primary mission is to help conserve rare sheep breeds through education & use of their fibers. In collaboration with other shepherds, wool of Navajo Churro, Jacob, Karakul, & Leicester Longwool sheep are provided as available. These fibers may be offered as raw-fleece samples, roving, & hand-dyed or natural color yarns. Handmade baskets, handwoven cotton & cotlin tea towels inspired by 19th century textile designs, & felted wool dryer balls are all handcrafted by me here at our homestead in Monroe, North Carolina.

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2021 Festival Gear Now Available

Shop online, or buy in-store at the Sheepman Supply showroom in Frederick, Maryland. Choose from "staying home and staying safe until 2022" t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags. posters, and note cards. Your purchases help support the Festival.
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