Hickory Hill Farm

Contact: Lia Belanger Book

Fleeces for Sale:

Fleece Types: Fine, Medium, Longwool
Color: White
Breed(s): Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale, Rambouillet
View Fleeces: Email for information

Sales Method(s):

Phone: Text or call 717-395-6174
Special Offers: All proceeds donated to local schools

Monocacy Mills

Contact: Laura Van Etten

Fleeces for Sale:

Fleece Types: Medium, Primitive/Double Coat
Color: Natural Colored
Breed(s): Blue Faced Leicester, Shetland
View Fleeces: monocacymills.com

Sales Method(s):

Online Shop: monocacymills.com
Phone:  240-812-2050

Trial & Error Acres

Contact: Nancy Cox Starkey
Facebook: Nancy Cox Starkey

Fleeces for Sale:

Fleece Types: Longwool
Color: Natural Colored, White
Breed(s): Blue Faced Leicester
View Fleeces: Trial & Error Acres on Facebook

Sales Method(s):

Facebook PM: Nancy Cox Starkey

2021 Catalog Cover Artist

Meet our 2021 cover artist, George Maurer.

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