Cracked An Egg Farm

Contact: Meaghan Audet
Facebook: Cracked an Egg Farm
Instagram: Cracked an Egg Farm

Fleeces for Sale:

Fleece Types: Fine, Medium, Medium – Down Type, Longwool
Color: Natural Colored, White
Breed(s): Clun Forest, Cotswold, Finn
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Email: .
Phone: 603 312 7128
Special Offers: 10% off

Shepherd’s Knoll Farm

Contact: Ron Allen

Fleeces for Sale:

Fleece Types: Medium – Down Type
Color: White
Breed(s): Clun Forest
View Fleeces: Call Ron Allen at 410-592-2770 to arrange a “COVID-19 responsible viewing” in person at Shepherd’s Knoll Farm near Jacksonville MD

Sales Method(s):

Phone: 410-592-2770
Special Offers: A typical Clun fleece weighs 4.5-6.0 lbs. 2020 fleeces are priced at $7.00/lb; Clun fleeces sold for $7.50/lb at the 2019 Fleece Sale.

2021 Catalog Cover Artist

Meet our 2021 cover artist, George Maurer.

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