Njörðr’s Wanderers

Njörðr’s Wanderers portrays a typical seasonal trading camp found along waterways from Dublin to Haithabu between the years 800-1000. We focus our interpretation on the people, activities, and goods found within these camps, in a first-person format using appropriate roles, clothing, trades, and equipment. We may be called upon to interpret a camp from a variety of locations in western Scandinavia, to Frankia, around the British Isles and Ireland, and Iceland. We set up our camp with merchant’s booths and tents, where we give ongoing demonstrations of various crafts, including wood, metal, leather, and textile work. Other non-crafting trades and roles are also portrayed, such as traders in fur and ivory, foodstuffs and fisherfolk, town guards, religious figures and nobility, law speakers, transients and travelers, and those who build the town. Members also discuss the details and mechanisms of trade and daily life in the Viking Age.

We participate in several events throughout the year, including the Manassas Viking Festival, Mid-Maryland Celtic, Adams County Irish, McLain Festival in Carlisle, Dill’s Celtic, and Maryland Irish Festivals. We also give educational programs to school groups, Boy Scouts, with Baltimore & Carroll County homeschoolers, and the YMCA. Our members are located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, and we are working to establish and expand living history opportunities for ourselves and other living history groups and events.

Njörðr’s Wanderers will be camped out at the western end of Midway Boulevard, beyond the Lower Corral vendors and across from the Sheepdog Demonstration area.

To find out more, look for Njörðr’s Wanderers on Facebook or email .

Njörðr’s Wanderers from the 2021 Virtual Festival

Njörðr’s Wanderers: A discussion on the role of wool in the Viking Age

Thus Comes the Maiden: Norse poetry on fiber and society

Fiber Etymology: The evolution of fiber terms

Fiber Lore: Fibers role in cultural belief

The Golden Thread: The role of fiber arts and the fates

Warm up for the Festival with Winterfest 2023!

Two days of virtual spinning, knitting, and felting classes on January 28 and 29.

Registration opens November 19.

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Correction - registration for our our in-person classes for 2023 will open at 2:00 pm ET on Sunday, February 19, not February 12 as previously posted.A preview of the classes has been posted at sheepandwool.org/2022-festival/fiber-arts-workshops/. Full class details, including dates and times, will be posted in the next day or two. #mdsw #mdsw2023 #celebrating50years #fiberartseminars #yarnlove #dyeing #felting #fiberprep #colortheory #spinning #handspinning #knitting ... See MoreSee Less
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A preview of our in-person classes for 2023 has been posted at sheepandwool.org/2022-festival/fiber-arts-workshops/. Full class information will be posted once we work out a few more details. Registration will open on February 12. #mdsw #mdsw2023 #celebrating50years #fiberartseminars #yarnlove #dyeing #felting #fiberprep #colortheory #spinning #handspinning #knitting ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to our wonderful instructors - Maggie Casey. Jillian Moreno, Esther Rodgers, Kira Dulaney, Alasdair Post-Quinn, and Kristen Walsh - for teaching virtually for our second annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Winterfest. Thank you, too, Angela Muller, for your fabulous and informative lecture. And a resounding thank you to all the participants (and class assistants) that made Winterfest a success!See you at the live 50th annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on May 6 & 7. The class listings for that should be posted in the next week or so. Registration will open on February 12. ... See MoreSee Less
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