Njörðr’s Wanderers, a Viking Age Living History Group

Njörðr’s Wanderers is an evidenced-based living history group. Their guiding principle is to present to the public the current knowledge of early Medieval trade, industry, and commerce through demonstration.

Their mission is to portray a typical seasonal trading camp found along any given waterway in the British Isles, between the years 800-1000. They portray the various peoples and cultures one would encounter in an emerging trade town, usually through ongoing demonstrations of different crafts, including wood, metal, leather, and textile work. They discuss and describe features of trade and daily life. Their camp is an integral part of their portrayal, in which they eat, sleep, trade, and entertain. The portray merchants and peoples from Scandinavia, Frankia, and around the British Isles.

Although they will not be able to set up their camp in person at the festival this year, they have provided us with the following videos to let you so you can join them virtually.

To find out more, look for Njörðr’s Wanderers on Facebook or email .

Njörðr’s Wanderers: A discussion on the role of wool in the Viking Age

Thus Comes the Maiden: Norse poetry on fiber and society

Fiber Etymology: The evolution of fiber terms

Fiber Lore: Fibers role in cultural belief

The Golden Thread: The role of fiber arts and the fates

Proposals for 2022 Fiber Arts Seminars now being accepted

We are now accepting proposals for fiber arts seminars to be held in conjunction with the 49th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, which will take place in person on May 7 & 8, 2022 in West Friendship, Maryland. Many seminars will be held Wednesday-Friday of the week leading up to the festival; all seminars will be held in person. The Fiber Arts Seminar Committee invites instructors from every heritage, culture, belief system, and lifestyle to submit a proposal.

Submit your proposal(s) here.

The deadline to submit a proposal is July 15.…

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