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My educational background is primarily in fine arts (painting, drawing, and ceramics), but since finishing my bachelor’s degree I have experimented and self-taught with a variety of fiber forms and techniques, including both wet and needle felting with wool and silk, the ancient and time-consuming process of shibori dyeing, traditional sewing, weaving, and embroidery, to create a range of art and accessories. More recently my love of fiber has led me to experiment with basket weaving techniques and wire-working to create necklaces and shawl pins. In addition, I’ve started growing and foraging natural dye materials to dye yarn, some of which is for sale this year.

Inspired by botanical forms in nature, as well as color and texture, you will often find me collecting nature’s flotsam and jetsam; seed hulls, cicada wings, pieces of bark. I am especially drawn to natural variations of the one-of-a-kind seen in nature and spend as much time as possible up in the woods on the farm where I live with my family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Susan Due Pearcy has lived in the Agricultural Reserve in Barnesville, Maryland for 27 years and enjoys having sheep grazing next door and fibre artist friends nearby. She is continually inspired in her art and life by the natural beauty of her surroundings and works plein air in oil and pastel and creates her printmaking in Sugarloaf Studio behind her home...

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If you didn't brave the weather to come to last week's festival, but still want a festival t-shirt, you're in luck. Our online store at is being restocked with 2022 merchandise and should be ready by Monday, May 16, 2022 (they just need a little time to unpack the boxes that came back from the festival and see what's what). If memory serves, they will have two colors of short sleeve tees, a long sleeve tee, hats, aprons, fleece vests, sling bags and cinch sack/backpacks. Sorry, the large canvas tote bags are all gone.The online store is at You can also purchase these items in person at the Ceresville New Holland, Inc./Sheepman Supply Co. showroom in Frederick, Maryland. #mdsw2022 #festivalgear ... See MoreSee Less
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If you or anyone else receives an email claiming to be able to sell you a list of attendees of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, please ignore it as IT IS A SCAM. It has come to our attention that companies are emailing some of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival’s exhibitors and attendees, claiming to offer our attendee email list. This is a common occurrence with large conferences and trade shows in recent years.It is our policy to NEVER sell, rent, or share attendee contact information. No company is authorized to distribute or sell any email lists of Festival attendees. The Festival is not providing this list nor generating these messages. How did they get your email? Software programs can crawl websites in search of email addresses that are listed on them (identifiable by the @ sign).If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of Festival attendees, do not respond to it. By responding—even with a request to unsubscribe—you confirm that your email address is a valid one, which may increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted again. ... See MoreSee Less
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This little lost lamb kid's mitten was turned in to the Lost & Found and would like to find it's mate. There is also a handmade shawlette someone might be missing, along with the usual random assortment of items -- reading glasses, etc. -- and, no surprise, a folding umbrella and a pair of rubber boots. Message me or email if any of these sound like they might belong to you, or if there is something else you would like me to check for. #mdsw2022 #lostandfound ... See MoreSee Less
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