Fun Facts About 2019

  • We estimate weekend attendance between 15,300-18,500 people.
  • Attendance on Saturday was almost exactly the same as last year.
  • Rain on Sunday (including a flash flood watch) definitely kept some folks home.
  • There were 631 sheep entered in the sheep shows with 55 more sheep in the Breed Display barn.
  • The Fleece Show & Sale had 911 fleeces entered by 173 exhibitors from 17 states, representing 36 different breeds of sheep. About 46-47,000 pounds of wool changed hands in the sale, with 343 buyers from 31 states + Canada taking home fleeces.
  • The Skein & Garment Competition had 278 entries in the form of yarn and finished articles from 106 different exhibitors.
  • Almost 800 students participated in our Fiber Arts Workshops.

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