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About Us

Haulin’ Hoof Farm is a small family business located in the hills of southeastern Ohio. Our focus is on creating handcrafted, natural, and unique items. We offer goods made from wood, wool and clay.

In the making of our products we strive to utilize as much of what we produce & harvest ourselves here on our farm. Most of our woolen goods are made from the fleeces of our flock of organically raised sheep, and the wood we use comes from our farm or woodlands within a 50 mile radius – responsibly harvested, by us, with the health of the forest ecosystem as top priority. In our harvesting of trees we follow the “worst first” method, taking out dead trees or those that have been damaged by insects, disease, or lightning. As a result, many of our wood products come with unique character such as spalting. Furthermore, only natural oils and beeswax are used to finish our wood products, preserving the inherent, natural beauty of the wood.

All our ceramic goods such as buttons and planters are made by the girls on our farm with a lot of love and enthusiasm. We never use ceramic decals or transfers, so every piece we create is one-of-a-kind. We hope you enjoy, as much as we do, the natural beauty and quality craftsmanship you’ll find in all our products!

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10777 Lightfritz Ridge Road
New Marshfield, OH 45766

(740) 664-2126

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Facebook: facebook.com/haulinhooffarm
Instagram: instagram.com/haulinhooffarm

2021 Festival Gear Now Available

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