Main Exhibition Hall

Main Exhibition Hall


A2 – A36

  • The National Museum of the American Coverlet: A2
  • Knots & Treadles: A3, A4
  • Wool Out of Wales: A5
  • Oak Grove Studio: A6
  • La Cupula, Handmade Naturally Dyed Rugs from Oaxaca, Mexico: A7
  • Trawitz Sheepskin Products: A8,A9
  • Cat Tracks Studio: A10
  • Davidson’s Old Mill Yarn: A11, A12
  • Stitched Impressions: A13
  • Opalessence: A14
  • An Original by Peggy Hugus: A15
  • Jesamie Handwovens: A16
  • Wool by Ursula: A17
  • Blue Sheep Software LLC: A18
  • Medomak Retreat Center: A18B
  • R.E. Piland Goldsmiths: A19
  • The Verdant Gryphon: A20
  • Going Gnome: A21
  • Joyce Schaum Basketry: A22
  • Spinners Hill: A23,A24
  • Willow Brook Farm: A25
  • Wendy G. Jensen Baskets: A26
  • The Rams Horn: A27
  • Still River Mill, LLC: A28
  • Cloverleaf Farms: A29
  • Spirit Trail Fiberworks: A30
  • Walter Turpening: A31
  • Coughlin’s Homespun Yarns: A32
  • Navajo Weavings: A33
  • Breezy Willow Farm & C.S.A.: A34
  • Little Barn: A35,A36
  • B1 – B35

  • Maggie’s Music: B1
  • Moving Mud: B2
  • Shadeyside Fibers LLC: B3
  • Wild Hare Fiber Studio: B4
  • Hooked on Ewe: B5
  • Just Our Yarn: B6
  • Joan Arnold Artist: B7
  • Spin-A-Bit: B8
  • Jamie Harmon: B9
  • Ink Drawings by Gene Matras: B10
  • Turnstyles: B11
  • Holly Road Fiber Farm: B12
  • Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm: B13
  • Weavin’ Place-SAORI Style: B14
  • Hunt Valley Cashmere: B15
  • Into the Whirled: B16
  • Thistledown Farm Pottery: B17
  • Inger’s Basketry: B18
  • Wheeler’s Chairs: B19
  • Miriam Carter/Feltmaker: B20
  • Bedfellows Blankets: B21
  • Walks Far Acres: B22
  • Anne Boyer: Mixed Fiber Sculptures: B23
  • Hansen Crafts LLC: B24
  • The Wool Room: B25
  • Folktale Fibers: B26
  • Shelridge Farm: B27
  • Dimensions: B28
  • juliahilbrandt: B29
  • Critter Pattern Works: B30
  • Creative Designs Unlimited: B31
  • Kristin Helberg-Grained and Painted Boxes: B32
  • Kessenich Loom Co.: B33
  • Zazzy Peacock Studios: B34
  • Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns and Fibers: B35
  • C1 – C35

  • Maggie’s Music: C1
  • The Golden Ram: C2, C3
  • Shipyard Point Glassworks: C4
  • Flying Goat Farm: C5
  • Elfworks/Kim Harrison Fiber Arts: C6
  • The Woolee Winder: C7
  • Indian Lake Artisans, LLC: C8
  • The Whispering Woodturner: C10
  • The Spinning Studio: C11
  • Millpoint Emporium: C12
  • Maple Row Stock and Wool: C13
  • Foxfire Leather: C14
  • Stewart-Murrell Handwoven Designs: C15
  • Geneva Welch: C16
  • RoseSpring Farm: C17
  • Wellspring Farm: C18
  • Backlog Pottery: C19
  • Big Springs Farm & Fiber LLC: C20
  • Cherry Tree Hill Farm: C21
  • Loop: C22
  • Wild Fibers Magazine: C23
  • Carolina Homespun: C24
  • Strauch Fiber Equipment Co.: C25
  • American Heirloom, Inc.: C26
  • The Mannings Handweaving School & Supply Center: C27, C28, C29, C30
  • Cedarland Farm Icelandics: C31
  • American Country Rugs: C32
  • Zeilinger Wool Co.: C33
  • Jennie the Potter: C34
  • Maggie’s Farm: C35
  • D1 – D37

  • Woolstock Yarn Shop: D2
  • Signature Needle Arts: D3
  • Peace Weavers: D4
  • Forestheart: D5
  • Bullens Wullens: D6
  • A Touch of Twist: D7
  • Yarn Barn of Kansas: D8,D9,D10
  • C.A.D. Cutlery: D11
  • The Horse Brooch: D12
  • Brush Creek Wool Works: D13, D14
  • Handweavers Guild of America: D15
  • Hunt Country Yarns: D16
  • Solitude Wool: D17
  • Justamere Tree Farm: D18
  • The Spanish Peacock: D19
  • Cara Romano: Studio Jewelry: D20
  • Paws & Reflect Glass Fusion: D21
  • Catoctin Creek Farm: D22
  • Wool N Quilts & Triple R Farm: D23
  • Stephen Willette: D24
  • Mason-Dixon ATHA: D25
  • Bosworth Spindles/Journey Wheel: D26
  • Bayberry Fiber and Art: D27
  • Handspun by Stefania: D28
  • Liz Printz Jewelry: D29
  • Elm Grove Fiber Arts: D30
  • Eagles Nest Woolens: D31
  • Suffolk Shaker Shop: D32
  • The Barefoot Spinner: D33
  • The Good Shepherd: D34
  • Susan’s Fiber Shop: D35,D36,D37
  • 2020 Catalog Cover Artist

    Presenting our 2020 catalog cover, featuring an original woodcut done just for us by Bobby Rosenstock of JustAJar Design Press.

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