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There are many more items available than what is listed on my website. If you don’t see what you want-contact me by email or phone for additional items.

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Small pair of bead earrings free with $100 purchase.

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As a child, I did a lot of number paintings, but I never followed the lines, and embroidery kits, but I never read the instructions. When it came time for college, I believed I must put away childish things and study something serious. After pursuing several scientific degrees, I rediscovered fiber as an art form.

I work both flat and sculpturally, using wool, yarns, threads and beads to create wall art, jewelry, wearable accessories and 3D forms. Most of my work has a stitched construction, either worked onto a fabric backing such as hand and machine stitchery or as a construction technique of its own. Like needle lace, needle weaving, felting and beadwork. Color is a consistent focus of my work, particularly the graduation or shading of one color or pattern into another. Color transitions are employed both for pure visual pleasure and as symbols for the expression of larger themes.

I have felted and/or stitched wall art, knitted and fulled hats, knitted headbands (with pockets), felted and beadwork jewelry, as well as beadwork art forms.

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162 School House Road
Littlestown, PA 17340

(717) 873-1288. Leave voicemail if I don’t answer, phone service is weak.

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Shop online, or buy in-store at the Sheepman Supply showroom in Frederick, Maryland. Choose from "staying home and staying safe until 2022" t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags. posters, and note cards. Your purchases help support the Festival.
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