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Online Store: finnsheep.net
Text: (845) 868-7773
Other: You can chat online using the chat box on our website finnsheep.net

Discount/Special Offer

Free shipping on all sheepskins and select items. Special pricing for wool comforters during the festival weekend only.

Festival Exclusive

Introducing several festival only colorways of ‘hand dyed right at the farm’ yarn.

About Us

Point of View Farm raises heritage purebred finnsheep in New York. Our pastured based flock is raised all naturally and coated so we can produce the highest quality wool items for your consideration. We are the shepherds. We birth the lambs, raise the sheep, sort the wool, wash and dye the wool, spin some yarns and lots more. We are happy to help you discover finnsheep.

We offer sheepskins, wool socks, yarn, roving, wool comforters and sheep milk soaps all from our farm. You can also find Finnish Fazer chocolates, our ceramics, yarn bowls, soap dishes, handmade gnomes (tomte/ tontuu), Unicorn drop spindles, dryer balls, Spinolution wheels and more. In fact, lots more yarn!

Our highly sought after washable finnsheep sheepskins are available in all colors including variegated grey, variegated fawns, white and caramel to deep chocolate brown. These are really soft and stunning. Length of wool and colors are unique to each. Favorite uses are over the back of a chair to rest on, rug or pet bed. We also have room size rugs & chair pads.

Also find our farm wool socks available in 3 weights for all seasons. We love these socks and wear them ourselves (almost every day). Unicorn drop spindles with kaleidoscope colored whorls and hand turned hardwood shafts. Each is one of a kind just like our handcrafted Nordic gnomes with their wooly beards and felted hats.

Ahh, raw fleeces. Our farm has taken 1st & 2nd place ribbons at the MDSW fleece show/ sale in prior years. Our finnsheep fleeces are coated and skirted so you are only buying nice clean handspinning wool for your special project.

Zzzz. Finnsheep wool filled comforters. Breathable, warm and healthy. Sleep deeper, more comfortably and fire retardant free. It helps and I bet you will never go back once you’ve experienced better sleep under one.

Sheep milk soaps. Yes that is a thing and we make them with shea butter, cocoa butter and other great ingredients for your skin. Unscented.

Contact Information

P.O Box 535
Bangall, NY 12506

(845) 868-4140

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Facebook: facebook.com/finnsheep.net
Instagram: instagram.com/finnsheep

Warm up for the Festival with Winterfest 2023!

Two days of virtual spinning, knitting, and felting classes on January 28 and 29.

Registration opens November 19.

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Correction - registration for our our in-person classes for 2023 will open at 2:00 pm ET on Sunday, February 19, not February 12 as previously posted.A preview of the classes has been posted at sheepandwool.org/2022-festival/fiber-arts-workshops/. Full class details, including dates and times, will be posted in the next day or two. #mdsw #mdsw2023 #celebrating50years #fiberartseminars #yarnlove #dyeing #felting #fiberprep #colortheory #spinning #handspinning #knitting ... See MoreSee Less
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A preview of our in-person classes for 2023 has been posted at sheepandwool.org/2022-festival/fiber-arts-workshops/. Full class information will be posted once we work out a few more details. Registration will open on February 12. #mdsw #mdsw2023 #celebrating50years #fiberartseminars #yarnlove #dyeing #felting #fiberprep #colortheory #spinning #handspinning #knitting ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to our wonderful instructors - Maggie Casey. Jillian Moreno, Esther Rodgers, Kira Dulaney, Alasdair Post-Quinn, and Kristen Walsh - for teaching virtually for our second annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Winterfest. Thank you, too, Angela Muller, for your fabulous and informative lecture. And a resounding thank you to all the participants (and class assistants) that made Winterfest a success!See you at the live 50th annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on May 6 & 7. The class listings for that should be posted in the next week or so. Registration will open on February 12. ... See MoreSee Less
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