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About Us

Lived in Japan 11 years. Fell in love with all parts of this culture. Traveled and absorbed as much as possible. Studied Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Doll Making, Origami, Katazome and other arts. I’m also a weaver.

Became addicted to beautiful print Japanese Chiyogami/Yuzen Washi(paper) and couldn’t buy enough. Came back and had to find something to use it for…..make jewelry. Folding since 1990 and still collecting.!!

SAMPLES/LIMITED INVENTORY ON ETSY: ShawnneeShabana and website:

Loved silk kimono, and collected vintage kimono, obi, and obi-jime(belts). Upon returning had a chance to learn the art of Kumihimo(traditional Japanese braiding), but don’t need a belt and silk fiber is expensive so my inner self (a creative/crazy Artisan) decided to PLAY. Constantly collecting different fibers for my ADD(Artisan Design Decision) braiding then focal pieces I create from clay, beads, wood, upcycle, recycle and from other artisans ….since I can’t make all. and newest work posted on ETSY: ShawnneeShabana

I started parting with my vintage kimono, haori(silk jackets) and obi at Sheep and Wool, hopefully next year again.

Check out my web site for more info and for Kreative Kumihimo necklaces. Newest Kumihimo Keations are on ETSY at ShawnneeShaban as well as a sampling of origami. Or contact me for photos and/or come to the house.

I also have a the 12 Animals of the Oriental Zodiac line of Origami, with photo posted of Year of the Ram. Washi paper has sheep print on it and sheep charms of that on Good Luck Tsuru earrings and Kimono Pin.

See you next year, in person!!!!!

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(301) 604-7598

Proposals for 2022 Fiber Arts Seminars now being accepted

We are now accepting proposals for fiber arts seminars to be held in conjunction with the 49th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, which will take place in person on May 7 & 8, 2022 in West Friendship, Maryland. Many seminars will be held Wednesday-Friday of the week leading up to the festival; all seminars will be held in person. The Fiber Arts Seminar Committee invites instructors from every heritage, culture, belief system, and lifestyle to submit a proposal.

Submit your proposal(s) here.

The deadline to submit a proposal is July 15.…

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