WooLee Winder Co.

Fiber Equipment, Tools & Supplies

Website: wooleewinder.com
Online Shopping: Place orders on wooleewinderstore.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/TheWooLeeWinder

Wool Out Of Wales

Fiber, Farm Raised

Website: wooloutofwales.net

Wool Garden

Fiber, Hand-Dyed or Hand-Spun


Woodchuck Products

Fiber Equipment, Tools & Supplies

Online Shopping: Contact Rod Stevens for more information, 610-750-0938 or .

Wolle’s Yarn Creations

Fiber, Specialty
Knitting Patterns & Software

Website: wollesyarncreations.com
Online Shopping: Place orders on wollesyarncreations.com
Virtual Booth: https://youtu.be/ukJYmGlewS8
Discount/Special Offer: 20% discount with code mdsw2020
Facebook: facebook.com/Wolles-Yarn-Creations-331339830070/
Twitter: twitter.com/wollesyarn
Instagram: instagram.com/wollesyarn
Ravelry: ravelry.com/people/wolle

Windsong Farm

Fiber, Farm Raised

Website: windsongfarm.com
Online Shopping: Place orders on windsongfarm.com
Facebook: facebook.com/windsongwensleydales
Instagram: instagram.com/windsongwensleydales

Willow Brook Farm

Fiber Equipment, Tools & Supplies

Website: None

Wild ‘n’ Woolly Farm

Fiber, Farm Raised
Fiber, Hand-Dyed or Hand-Spun

Website: wildnwoolly.com
Online Shopping: See wildnwoolly.com/shop; orders can be either messaged via the website or emailed to
Virtual Booth: youtube.com/channel/UCQeaQ7TxM2mA9dd7s6d0W4g
Discount/Special Offer: All orders received May 2nd and 3rd will be discounted 10%
Facebook: facebook.com/wildnwoolly

Wild Hare Fiber Studio

Fiber, Hand-Dyed or Hand-Spun

Website: wildharefiber.com
Online Shopping: Place orders on wildhare.etsy.com; will also accept order requests via Facebook message and email
Virtual Booth: youtube.com/watch?v=az-5c_lQ_2s&feature=youtu.be&
Discount/Special Offer: Free US shipping AND a free enamel Wild Hare Fiber Studio pin with code mdsw2020
Facebook: facebook.com/wildharefiber
Instagram: instagram.com/wildharefiber
Ravelry: ravelry.com/people/wildharefiber

Wild Fibers Magazine

Books & Magazines

Website: wildfibersmagazine.com
Online Shopping: Place orders on wildfibersmagazine.com/shop-1
Virtual Booth: wildfibersmagazine.com/virtual-booth
Festival Exclusive: Up to 40% Discount 
Facebook: facebook.com/WildFibersMagazine
Instagram: instagram.com/wildfibers

Registration for our 2021 Fiber Arts Seminars is now open!

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