Here are our 2020 Vendors. Click on the vendor name to access their website.



A Hundred Ravens – Outside East Vendors: E22 NEW!
A Paca Fun Fiberworks – Main Exhibition Hall: D20 From Maryland!
Aisling Yarns – Outside North Vendors: N14 NEW LOCATION! 
Aker Fiber Farm/Lavender Hills – Outside North Vendors: N22
Alford Family Farm – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC5 From Maryland!
All Strings Considered – Barn 6: 14,16
American Coopworth Registry – Outside East Vendors: E12
An Original by Peggy Hugus – Main Exhibition Hall: A15 From Maryland!
Ancient Textiles – Barn 6: 8
Angel Lock Fiberworks – Barn 3: 18 From Maryland! 
APH Designs – Outside North Vendors: N24 From Maryland! NEW LOCATION!
Art For Your Feet II/Bead Biz – Outside North Vendors: N18 NEW LOCATION!
Autumn House Farm – Barn 5: 7,9
Avalon Springs Farm – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC12 From Maryland!
Ayni – Outside East Vendors: E8


Backyard Fiberworks – Main Exhibition Hall: C4 From Maryland!
Bad Cookie Bakery – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Bare Naked Wools/KnitSpot – Main Exhibition Hall: C28
Barefoot Spinner, The – Main Exhibition Hall: D33
Bartlettyarns, Inc. – Outside North Vendors: N8
Battenkill Fibers Carding & Spinning Mill – Outside South Vendors: S1
Bay Haven Short Tails/Utopia Bath – Outside North Vendors: N13 NEW LOCATION!
Bayberry Fiber & Art – Main Exhibition Hall: D27
Bead Biz/Art for Your Feet II – Outside North Vendors: N18 NEW LOCATION!
Bedfellows Blankets – Main Exhibition Hall: B21
Bee Folks, The – Outside Midway Vendors: MW3 From Maryland!
Berry Meadow Farm – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC3 NEW!
Birdie Parker Designs – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC7 NEW!
Blackberry Fields Farm & Friends – Barn 4: 5 From Maryland!
Blue Fields Farm – Barn 3: 4
Blue Sheep Software – Main Exhibition Hall: A18A From Maryland!
Bosworth Spindles – Main Exhibition Hall: D26
Boy Scout Troop 1023 – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Breezy Willow Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: A34 From Maryland!
Briar Rose Fibers – Outside East Vendors: E13
Brooklyn Haberdashery – Main Exhibition Hall: A22 NEW!
Buffalo Wool Company, The – Outside Upper Corral Vendors: UC1
Bumblebee Acres Farm – Outside North Vendors: N4 NEW LOCATION!


Caprikorn Farm – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Carodan Farm Wool Shop – Barn 4: 1,3 NEW LOCATION!
Carolina Homespun – Main Exhibition Hall: C24
Carried Away Designs – Main Exhibition Hall: C30
Cat Mountain Fibers – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC14 NEW LOCATION!
Cat Tracks Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: B8 From Maryland!
Catoctin Creek Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: D22 From Maryland!
CeCe’s Wool – Outside East Vendors: E7 NEW!
Cestari Ltd. – Outside South Vendors: S7
Charisma Art Gallery/Sheep Incognito – Outside Midway Vendors: MW5
Checkmate Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: D15 NEW LOCATION!
Chestnut Creek Farm – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Cinnamon Treasures – Outside North Vendors: N15
Clare Margaret – Barn 3: 12
Classic Carder – Main Exhibition Hall: C20
Claymonster Pottery – Main Exhibition Hall: D9 From Maryland!
Cloverhill Yarn Shop – Barn 5: 12 From Maryland!
Cobun Creek Farm – Barn 5: 1   
Cole Mama Creations – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC6 NEW!
Cool Wool – Main Exhibition Hall: D23
Cooperative Press – Outside North Vendors: N1 NEW LOCATION!
Crafty Flutterby Creations – Main Exhibition Hall:C21 NEW LOCATION!
Cranberry Creek Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: B33
Creative Woodcarvings – Outside East Vendors: E18 From Maryland!


Daedalus Spinning Wheels/Spotted Ewe Fibers – Outside East Vendors: E6 NEW!
DAFI Alpacas – Outside East Vendors: E20 From Maryland!
Dancing Leaf Dyeworks – Outside South Vendors: S6 From Maryland!
Delly’s Delights Farm – Barn 4: 13,15
Dimensions Buttons – Main Exhibition Hall: B28
Distelfink Fiber – Barn 6:13
Dragonfly Fibers – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC9 From Maryland!
Dusty’s Vintage Buttons – Outside North Vendors: N7
Dyed Dreams – Barn 3: 3 From Maryland!


Eagles Nest Woolens – Main Exhibition Hall: D31 From Maryland!
Echoview Fiber Mill – Main Exhibition Hall: D8
Elfworks/Kim Harrison – Main Exhibition Hall: C6
Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: A12
Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets – Barn 5: 15
Epicurean Boutique – Main Exhibition Hall : B18 NEW LOCATION!
Ewetopia – Main Exhibition Hall: D4,D5 NEW LOCATION!


Fast Fence/Max-Flex Fence – Barn 4: 2,4
Favour Valley Woodworking – Barn 3: 16
Feederbrook Farm – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC2 From Maryland!
Felted Sky – Main Exhibition Hall: C29 NEW!
Fiber Design Imagineers – Maine Top Mill – Main Exhibition Hall: D7
Fiber Optic Yarns– Barn 6: 3,5
Fiber: Art, Alchemy & Adornment – Barn 6: 18
fibers by bonnie dunn – Barn 3: 6 From Maryland!
Fluffy U Fiber Farm – Barn 5: 14
Flying Fibers – Barn 5: 18
Flying Goat Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C5 From Maryland!
Folktale Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: B26 From Maryland!
Foxdale Springs Farm – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Frederick County Sheep Breeders – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Frey Livestock Supply – Outside East Vendors: E19
Friends in Reed – Outside East Vendors: E14 From Maryland!


Gale’s Art – Barn 5: 2
Glenfiddich Wool – Main Exhibition Hall: A24 NEW LOCATION!
Going Gnome – Main Exhibition Hall: A21
Good Hope Farmstead – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Good Karma Farm – Outside North Vendors: N6 NEW LOCATION!
Good Shepherd Designs – Barn 6: 9 From Maryland!
Good Shepherd, The – Main Exhibition Hall: D34
Gore Trailers – Outside Upper Corral Vendors: UC2
Green Goat Ranch – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC8 NEW!
Green Mountain Spinnery – Outside North Vendors: N16
Greenbridge Pottery – Barn 4: 9 From Maryland!
Greene’s Lamb & Antique Shearing Equipment Display – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Greentree Weaving – Outside East Vendors: E21
Greenwood Hill Farm – Barn 6: 15,17
Grindstone Ridge Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C34 From Maryland!
Gypsy Mountain Farm – Outside North Vendors: N23 NEW!


Handspun by Stefania – Main Exhibition Hall: D28
HansenCrafts – Main Exhibition Hall: B24
Harvesting History – Outside Midway Vendors: MW1
Haulin’ Hoof Farm Store – Outside North Vendors: N20 NEW!
Heirlooms – Outside North Vendors: N9
Hill Farm – Barn 3: 17 From Maryland!
Holly Road Fiber Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: B12
Hollyhock Hill Farm – Barn 3: 11
Homestead Harvest – Barn 6: 7 From Maryland! NEW LOCATION!
Honeysuckle Pottery – Outside East Vendors: E5 From Maryland!
Hopping Acres Leicester Longwools – Barn 5: 6
Horse Brooch – Main Exhibition Hall: D12
Hunt Valley Cashmere – Main Exhibition Hall: B15 From Maryland!


Icelandic Sheep Breeders – Barn 5: 17
Indian Lake Artisans – Main Exhibition Hall: C8
Indigo Hound – Barn 3: 8
Ink Drawings by Gene Matras – Main Exhibition Hall: B10
Into the Whirled – Main Exhibition Hall: B16


Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Assoc. – Barn 3: 7
Jamie Harmon – Main Exhibition Hall: B9
Jennie the Potter – Main Exhibition Hall: D21
Jentz Prints – Barn 4: 11 From Maryland!
Jesamie Handwovens – Main Exhibition Hall: A16
Jill Draper Makes Stuff – Main Exhibition Hall: A3,A4 NEW LOCATION!
Joanne Bast and Mary Shultz – Barn 4: 8  NEW LOCATION!
Joy Dally/Shepherd’s Lane – Barn 3: 5    NEW LOCATION!
JUL Designs – Main Exhibition Hall: D30 From Maryland!
juliahilbrandt -Main Exhibition Hall: B29
Justamere Tree Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: D18,D19


K. MacColl Bags – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC16 NEW!
Kathryn Withers – Main Exhibition Hall: B6 From Maryland!
Kelbourne Woolens – Main Exhibition Hall: C31 NEW!
Kelsey Wailes Company – Barn 4: 14 From Maryland!
Kim Dyes Yarn – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC15 NEW!
Kim Harrison/Elfworks – Main Exhibition Hall: C6
Kiparoo Farm – Outside South Vendors: S3 From Maryland!
KnitSpot/Bare Naked Wools – Main Exhibition Hall: C28
Knitting on the Fringe – Main Exhibition Hall: C32
KnittyandColor/Subterranean Woodworks – Main Exhibition Hall: B13
Kris Schaible Glass – Outside East Vendors: E9
Kristin Helberg-Grained & Painted Boxes – Main Exhibition Hall: B32 From Maryland!


La Cupula – Main Exhibition Hall: A7
Lavender Hills/Aker Fiber Farm – Outside North Vendors: N22
Lana Plantae Yarns – Outside North Vendors: N21 NEW!
Lilly B. Accessories – Main Exhibition Hall: D10 From Maryland!
Lion Potter, The – Outside South Vendors: S9
Little Barn – Main Exhibition Hall: A35,A36
Livestock Conservancy – Barn 3: 2   NEW LOCATION!
Lone Oak Brooms – Outside Midway Vendors: MW2
Loop Fiber Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: B22,B23


M & M Plants – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Madder Root – Outside North Vendors: N2
Maggie’s Farm Inc. – Main Exhibition Hall: C35
Maggie’s Music – Main Exhibition Hall: B1,C1 From Maryland!
Make It With Wool – MIWW Tent and Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Mangham Wool & Mohair Farm – Outside East Vendors: E2
Maple Row Stock & Wool – Main Exhibition Hall: C13
Mark Supik Woodturning – Outside Midway Vendors: MW4 From Maryland!
Mason-Dixon ATHA – Main Exhibition Hall: D24,D25 From Maryland!
Max-Flex Fence/Fast Fence – Barn 4: 2,4
Meadow Medley – Outside East Vendors: E23 From Maryland!
Medomak Retreat Center – Main Exhibition Hall: A18B From Maryland!
Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC1 From Maryland!
Milkhouse Brewery @ Stillpoint Farm – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Millpoint Emporium – Main Exhibition Hall: C12
Miriam Carter Feltmaker – Main Exhibition Hall: B20
Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns & Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: B35
Mistralee Farm – Barn 6: 12
Misty Mountain Farm – Outside South Vendors: S4
Mohair in Motion – Outside East Vendors: E4


National Museum of the American Coverlet – Main Exhibition Hall: A2
Navajo Weavings – Main Exhibition Hall: A33
Neighborhood Fiber Company – Outside North Vendors: N3 From Maryland!
Nistock Farms – Outside North Vendors: N25
North Light Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: C9


Oak Grove Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: A6
Oasis Farm Fiber Mill – Barn 3: 14
Opalessence Fiber & More – Main Exhibition Hall: A14
O-Wool – Main Exhibition Hall: B7


Pawley Studios Pottery – Outside South Vendors: S2
Paws & Reflect Glass Fusion – Main Exhibition Hall: D6
Persimmon Tree Farm – Outside East Vendors: E10
Picnic Woods Farm – Outside North Vendors: N5 From Maryland!
Point of View Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C26
Primitive Originals Kumihimo – Outside East Vendors: E11
Pucker Brush Farm – Barn 5: 11,13
Purrington Looms – Barn 4: 16
Putnam Hill Nursery – Outside East Vendors: E1 From Maryland!


R.E. Piland, Goldsmiths – Main Exhibition Hall: A19
Rainbow Rapunzel – Outside Midway Vendors: MW6
Rams Horn, The – Main Exhibition Hall: A27
Ram’s Horn Connection – Barn 3: 9
Range of Emotion – Main Exhibition Hall: A29
Rare Opportunity Bakehouse – Festival Farm Market From Maryland! 
Rebecca Francis: Weaver – Outside East Vendors: E17
Reflections at Roclans – Barn 4: 7
Riverside Farm – Barn 3: 10
Robin’s Hoods – Main Exhibition Hall: C11
Rosefield, The – Barn 5: 4
RoseSpring Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C16,C17
Ross Farm Fibers, The – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC13


Sarafina Fiber Art – Barn 5: 8 From Maryland!
Seacolors Yarnery – Barn 3: 15
Serendipity Farm’s Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: C3
Shabana – Barn 4: 10 From Maryland!
Shadeyside Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: B3
Sheep Incognito/Charisma Art Gallery – Outside Midway Vendors: MW5
Sheepman Supply Co. – Barn 6: 2,4,6 From Maryland!
Shenandoah Fiber – Main Exhibition Hall: A32
Shepherd’s Custom Woodworking – Outside North Vendors: N11
Shepherd’s Flock – Barn 6: 10
Shepherds’ Lane/JoyDally – Barn 3: 5  NEW LOCATION!
Shepherds Manor Creamery – Festival Farm Market and Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Signature Needle Arts – Main Exhibition Hall: D3
Silk Thread, The – Main Exhibition Hall: C33 NEW!
Silver Linings Lavender  – Festival Farm Market From Maryland! 
Silver Siren Design
– Barn 3: 13 From Maryland!
Skoog’s Sheep & Cattle Company – Main Exhibition Hall: A31
Sky Path Design – Main Exhibition Hall: A10
Slate Falls Press – Main Exhibition Hall: D2
Snyder’s Apiaries – Home Arts Building From Maryland!
Solitude Wool – Main Exhibition Hall: D16,D17
Southern Sheep Company – Barn 4: 12
Spinaway Farm – Barn 5: 5
Spinning Loft, The – Outside North Vendors: N12 From Maryland!
Spotted Ewe Fibers/Daedalus Spinning Wheels – Outside East Vendors: E6 NEW!
Spring Gate Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C14
Spruce Mountain Designs – Main Exhibition Hall: A11
Spruce Ridge Studios – Barn 5: 10
Stacey Stanhope Pottery – Main Exhibition Hall: C19
Stephen Willette – Main Exhibition Hall: D13,D14
Stewart-Murrell Handwoven Designs – Main Exhibition Hall: C15
Still River Mill – Main Exhibition Hall: A28
Stitch Ups – Outside North Vendors: N10
Stitched Impressions – Main Exhibition Hall: A13 From Maryland!
Strauch Fiber Equipment – Main Exhibition Hall: C25
Subito Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: A30
Subterranean Woodworks/KnittyandColor – Main Exhibition Hall: B13
Suffolk Shaker Shop – Main Exhibition Hall: D32
Susan’s Fiber Shop – Main Exhibition Hall: D35,D36,D37
Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC4
Sydell Inc. – Outside South Vendors: S8


Taylored Fibers – Main Exhibition Hall: A23 From Maryland!
Teaching Museum for the Fiber Arts (Youth Program) – Barn 6: 11
Tess’ Designer Yarns – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC17
Thistledown Alpacas – Outside East Vendors: E16
Thistledown Farm Pottery – Main Exhibition Hall: B17 From Maryland!
Thorne Farm – Outside South Vendors: S5 From Maryland!
Three Bags Full Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: B25
Tidal Yarns – Outside North Vendors: N19
Tintagel Farm – Outside East Vendors: E3
Toad Hollow – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC18
Toll House Studio – Outside North Vendors: N26 From Maryland!
Tomatoes, Etc. Produce & Herb Farm – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Trawitz Sheepskin Products – Main Exhibition Hall: A8,A9
Tuatha – Outside North Vendors: N17
Turnstyles – Main Exhibition Hall: B11


USBCHA 2020 National Sheepdog Finals – Outside Lower Corral Vendors – LC1A From Maryland! NEW!
Utopia Bath/Bay Haven Short Tails – Outside North Vendors: N13 NEW LOCATION! 


Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America – Barn 4: 17 NEW!
Vulcan’s Rest Fibers – Barn 4: 18 From Maryland!


War Pony Sweater Forge – Outside Lower Corral Vendors: LC10
Weavin’ Place-SAORI Style – Main Exhibition Hall: B14
Wee Ones – Barn 6: 1
Wellspring Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: C18
Wendy Jensen Baskets – Main Exhibition Hall: A26
Wheeler’s Chairs – Main Exhibition Hall: B19
Whispering Woodturner – Main Exhibition Hall: C10
White Clover Kiln – Barn 4: 6 From Maryland!
Wild Fibers Magazine – Main Exhibition Hall: C22,C23
Wild Hare Fiber Studio – Main Exhibition Hall: B4
Wild ‘N’ Woolly Farm – Barn 3: 1
Willow Brook Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: A25
Windsong Farm – Main Exhibition Hall: B5 NEW LOCATION!
Wolle’s Yarn Creations – Main Exhibition Hall: B2
Woodchuck Products – Main Exhibition Hall: D29
Wool Garden – Main Exhibition Hall: A17 NEW LOCATION!
Wool Out of Wales – Main Exhibition Hall: A5
Woolee Winder Co. – Main Exhibition Hall: C7


Yankee Dyer Yarns – Main Exhibition Hall: A20 From Maryland!
Yarn Daze – Main Exhibition Hall: C2
Yarn Hero – Barn 5: 16 From Maryland!
Yarn Shop @ Foster Sheep Farm – Outside East Vendors: E15 NEW!
Yarn Tech – Main Exhibition Hall: D11


Zazzy Peacock Studios – Main Exhibition Hall: B34 From Maryland!
Zeilinger Wool Co. – Main Exhibition Hall: B30,B31 NEW LOCATION!
Zeke’s Coffee – Festival Farm Market From Maryland!
Zwiebach Creations – Barn 5: 3 From Maryland!

2020 Catalog Cover Artist

Presenting our 2020 catalog cover, featuring an original woodcut done just for us by Bobby Rosenstock of JustAJar Design Press.

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Since we weren't able to have a Breed Display Barn this year, some of you might be interested in this webinar that the American Sheep Industry Association recently sponsored.

"In this webinar we explore the amazing diversity of heritage sheep breeds found in America and how many are making a remarkable comeback as interest grows in small scale shepherding and in natural fiber arts. We discuss the decades long effort to bring rare sheep back from the brink of extinction and current efforts to develop new markets for their products. Learn about the conservation work and then listen to experiences of several rare breed sheep farmers as they recount the journey they have undertaken with their amazing sheep breeds"
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Attention please! We ended up with a small quantity of 2020 merchandise left over from our virtual festival order. This includes short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, sling bags, backpacks, posters, note cards and enamel pins. Sorry, no mugs, and not all sizes are available in the shirts and sweatshirts.

You can view these items at, but because of the limited quantities you CANNOT ORDER THEM ONLINE. All items will be sold by telephone order ONLY on a first come, first served basis. Orders will be accepted by Sheepman Supply at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. I repeat, orders will be accepted by TELEPHONE ONLY at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

This may be your last chance to get 2020 Festival merchandise!
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