Festival Committee

Many people come together to make the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival a success. If you are interested in joining us and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the Festival, please contact .

Chairperson: Gwen Handler
General Manager: Kris Thorne

Support Committees

Admission: Kris Thorne, Larry Fisher, Barbara Graybeal, Gwen Handler, Lee Langstaff

Catalog: Kris Thorne, Rachel Adra, Shelly Auker, Mary K. Fry, Chris Gahs, Bonnie Lease, Judy Leece, Carolann McConaughy

Festival Farm Market: Jeff White, Carolann McConaughy

Finance: Kris Thorne, Leslie Bauer, Denise Ziegler

Food Vendor Booths: Rosita Underwood

Grounds: Larry Fisher, Matt Benning, Rick Bontz, Gary & Liz Cavey, Tom Mullinix, Larry Pugh and family, Larry Raskin, Ridgely Thompson, Greg Thorne, Adam Willie

Home Arts Building: Nancy & David Greene, Lisa Wheeler

Hospitality: Mary K. Fry, Evelyne & Howard Bloomer, Simone Martinez

Information Tent: Bethe Brekke, Barbara & Jack Graybeal, Denise Geiger, Tom Humpheys, Rowan Huy, Shellie Smith; Announcer: Doug Alexander

Kick-off Celebration: Gloria Mathews, Cynthia Koonce, Katie Lunemann, Liam McGovern, Molly McGovern, Lynn Rainsberger

Parking: Matt Benning

Recycling: Peter Austin, Elizabeth Thornton

Retail Sales: Shelly Auker, Anja Abbott, Rick Bontz, Elizabeth Carter, Cody Chung, Laura Eisenman, Larry Fisher, Gwen Handler, Dolores Harris, Pauline LeClaire, Amber Markel, Rivkah Mentzer, Nancy Norris, Stephanie Norris, Jessica Raskin, Larry Raskin, Judy Seymour, Kathie Simon, Kris Thorne, Adam Willie

Ribbons & Trophies: Jan Derry

Saturday Dinner/Sunday Breakfast: Shelly Auker

Security: Larry Fisher

Tents & Tables: Jan White

Vendor Booths: Jan White, Gwen Handler, Pat Kohler, Lee Langstaff, Angela Muller, Cindy Senseney, Kris Thorne, Marjorie Warden, Denise Ziegler

Volunteer Coordinator: Gwyneth Breyer

Educational Seminars & Demonstrations

Family Activities: Kellie Nuss, Helene Davis

Fiber Arts Demonstrations: Nora Miller

Fiber Arts Workshops: Lois Geer, Pamela Jenkins, Jean Beaudry, Jeanne Bohlen, Lisa Check, Sally Eller, Janet Garman, Frances Hartley, Pat Henley, Peggy Howell, Janet Lee, Victoria McKay, Yvonne Muise, Angela Muller, Nan Reinhardt, Gayle Roehm, Sue Sloan, Beth Truesdake, Mila Vascones-Gatski & JOhn Gatski, Sara Watkins

Lamb Promotion & Education: Sharron & Don Pilson; Patricia, David, Ian & Ben Sanville; Karren Sowell

Maryland Make It With Wool: Judy Williamson, Jamie Frank, Donna Gill, Breanne Lippy, Jeanne Lippy

Sheep Breeds Display: Alex & Karren Sowell, Konnor Sowell

Sheep Shearing Demonstrations: Emily Chamelin Hickman, Martin & Ruth Chamelin

Working Sheepdog Demonstrations: Nancy Starkey, A.J. Hesketh-Tutton

Shepherd Seminars & Workshops: Peter Austin

Shows & Competitions

Club Lamb Jackpot: Robert Dinsmore, Charlotte Dinsmore

Creative Shearing Competition: Peter Austin

Fine Arts Competition: Mary Jeanne Coles, Pauline Hood, Katie Coles

Fleece Show & Sale: Jill Arnold, Lee Langstaff, Judy Leece, María Barrerá-Oro, Carey Benadon, Kate Bostek, Alicia Clugh, Bonnie Frederick, Laurie Hynson, Pamela Jenkins, Elaine Parry, Beverly Swayze

Junior Sheep & Goat Skillathon: Susan Schoenian

Junior Spinning Contest: Patricia, David, Ian & Ben Sanville; Rhiannon Huscha

Lead Line Contest: Karen Fleishell-Fought, John Fought

Maryland Sheep & Wool Ambassador Contest: Barbara Mullen, Karren Sowell

Sheep Photo Contest: Roxanne Dean, Mary Streaker

Sheep Poster Contest: Elaine Reedy

Sheep Shows: Mara Mullinix DVM, Amy Miller, Milleanne Mullinix, Meredith Null, Mary Rasche; Announcer: Tom Colyer

Sheep-to-Shawl Contest: Chris Gahs, Susan Withnell

Skein & Garment Competition: Angela Collison, Terry Collison, Carol Bailey, Joanna Crosby, Bonnie Lease, Fred Lease, Judy Rhoades, Betsy Szkil, Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore

Youth Conservationist Program: Elaine Ashcraft, Michele Clawson, Alesia Moore, Mary Thomas

 Other Events

Shepherds Auction: Joe & Debbie Frey, Dick & Loretta Gunberg, Gretchen Jahnke, Jim Miers, Chris Miller, Kathy Santo Cristo, Charles Turdo; Auctioneers: Jack Downin, Fred D. Parks

Spin-In: Nancy Norris, Stephanie Norris, Janet Alger, Wendy Carballo, Karen Clough, Rivkah Mentzer, LeeAnne Roberts

2020 Catalog Cover Artist

Presenting our 2020 catalog cover, featuring an original woodcut done just for us by Bobby Rosenstock of JustAJar Design Press.

Schedule of Events

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Since we weren't able to have a Breed Display Barn this year, some of you might be interested in this webinar that the American Sheep Industry Association recently sponsored.

"In this webinar we explore the amazing diversity of heritage sheep breeds found in America and how many are making a remarkable comeback as interest grows in small scale shepherding and in natural fiber arts. We discuss the decades long effort to bring rare sheep back from the brink of extinction and current efforts to develop new markets for their products. Learn about the conservation work and then listen to experiences of several rare breed sheep farmers as they recount the journey they have undertaken with their amazing sheep breeds"
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Attention please! We ended up with a small quantity of 2020 merchandise left over from our virtual festival order. This includes short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, sling bags, backpacks, posters, note cards and enamel pins. Sorry, no mugs, and not all sizes are available in the shirts and sweatshirts.

You can view these items at www.sheepman.com/product-category/maryland-sheep-wool-festival-online/, but because of the limited quantities you CANNOT ORDER THEM ONLINE. All items will be sold by telephone order ONLY on a first come, first served basis. Orders will be accepted by Sheepman Supply at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. I repeat, orders will be accepted by TELEPHONE ONLY at 301-662-4197 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

This may be your last chance to get 2020 Festival merchandise!
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